• Mistakes to avoid

    Mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a home

    REMAX properties supplies helpful advice to help avoid mistakes during your property journey.

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  • Rental market picks up the slack as property sales decline

    Rental market picks up the slack as property sales decline

    Insight into the rental market and property economy.

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  • Northcliff properties

    Positive growth for Northcliff

    Gain great insight into the Northcliff property and how the new Johannesburg Surgical Hospital will benefit the area.

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  • Eyeing your first home

    Eyeing your first home? How to get your offer approved first time

    Buying a home and gutting your offer approved can be daunting. Follow the below advice for a positive experience.

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    A step-by-step guide to home buying

    If you are looking to buy a property, but the process is putting you off, this article will guide you…

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  • A shift from a buyers to a sellers market has started

    A shift from a buyers’ to a sellers’ market has started

    There are strong signs of a positive turn for South Africa’s property sector during 2024, with key indicators pointing to…

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  • How to get ready to buy property in 2024 in 3 steps

    Make this your year to become a property owner with these tips. 

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  • Buy now or wait?

    Why now might be a great time for property buyers.

    Seeff property group share some insightful information into the big question on whether now is a good time to buy…

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  • Value-for-money price bands in central metro housing markets

    Pam Golding Properties discusses the recent Lightstone statistics, highlighting the price bands in different areas.

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  • Top 3 home finance tips

    RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares their top 3 home finance tips to help homeowners set up good money habits.

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  • Security camera

    Are security cameras worth the investment?

    Security cameras can make a huge difference in enhancing security. How important is investment in security cameras?

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  • Multi-functional home.

    Tips for creating multi-functional spaces

    Maximising a living space by creating a multi-functional space is possible. How can this be done?

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