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Alternatives to fireworks

Alternatives to fireworks can be just as beautiful, much safer and can bring interaction between family and friends.

With so many dangers evolving around fireworks, the next alternatives can be an option.

Outdoor laser shows have slowly been growing in popularity.

These displays can be just as exciting and creative as firework displays, but without releasing unnecessary pollution into the environment.

Many viewers are happy with the lack of loud noise that accompanies the laser shows.

Debbie Millar from the Springs SPCA, says just think of what peace the animals will enjoy over the festive season.

Then there are glow sticks which are another excellent option for those with children, or those who are young at heart.

When the sun goes down, rather than breaking out the fireworks, break out the glow sticks.

Christmas and New Year are family times and with the variety of colours, the family can entertain themselves with these sticks by developing unique individual shows and patterns.

On New Year’s evening friends and family can have fun by creating their own shows to perform once it gets dark enough.

A campfire is another idea and can add fun and excitement at the conclusion of the party.

The fire will last considerably longer than a fireworks display, and as an added bonus, it can be used to roast marshmallows for a special summer treat.

Those who still want to add a little noise to the event, can buy or make noisemakers.

This can add to family activity if they are homemade.

Use dried beans in a tin or an empty can.

Cover the top of the container, add a little rhythm, and there will be plenty of noise to entertain the entire party. Those who are feeling less creative or crafty can buy a variety of noisemakers in bulk at a variety of party stores.

Those who are concerned about fireworks because of the possible impact on the environment will find a variety of options available to help them finish their celebrations.

The Addie’s Facebook friends feel Chinese lanterns can add fun to the celebrations.

Amanda Stander: The paper lanterns are very nice.

Mara Beatriz Strydom Abreu-Pepper: Give hugs, they are free, don’t pollute and don’t harm.

Paper lanterns are pretty but they cause fires as you can’t control where they end up and they are harmful to wildlife.

Marius Buys Se Skrywes: Bonfire or the Chinese lanterns.

Jango Shep: I still say ban fireworks, but we all know our government will never ban them.

Hopefully, these alternatives above will help people begin to brainstorm the perfect solution for their own parties.

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