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Mob justice is more common in informal settlements

Tsakane - Many residents resort to mob justice to punish a person they suspect of committing a crime.

According to Tsakane police spokesman Capt Petros Mabuza, 13 incidents of mob justice have been reported to Tsakane police this year.

He says most of the victims were allegedly caught committing crimes such as house break-ins and theft.

Mabuza explains that mob justice is more common in informal settlements, and victims are normally between the ages of 15 and 23 years old.

He appeals to the community not to take the law into their own hands, but to call police if they suspect someone has committed a crime.

Mabuza admitted police sometimes encounter challenges when arresting the perpetrators of mob justice.

“In most cases the victim is admitted to hospital and cannot talk as a result of the injuries sustained, so it is difficult to arrest those responsible,” he says.

In the event that the culprits can be identified, Mabuza gave the assurance that police will make an arrest.

Tsakane resident Joseph Sikhulu (32) believes the community take the law into their own hands to send a message to criminals.

“To most criminals, going to prison is like going to their second home,” says Sikhulu.

Sikhulu is of the view that those who assault criminals should not be charged with assault as they are trying to fight crime.

Ntombi Nkosi (28) from KwaThema, however, says the perpetrators of mob justice should be arrested and jailed for at least five years.

“Sometimes the mob assaults someone without any proof that he has committed a crime,” says Nkosi.

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