You love your home, so decorate it to suit your unique personality

As the saying goes, your home is your temple. And you should decorate it to suit your taste and style.

There are three main living spaces in your home that are focal areas. Your bedroom, bathroom and living room. Think about it, these are rooms where you spend most of your time in the day, so naturally, they should reflect your personality and style.

Here are a few tips from Sheet Street on how to personalise these spaces.

The living room

This is the room that should reflect your personality the most. It’s the room where guests sit, it’s where your family comes together and it’s where you spend your “me time”. Decorate this space with warm tones and textures with a pop of colour. Use signature pieces to show your personal style. Curtains are the focus of the room, go with a neutral colour so that you’re not restricted to other colours with the décor. Use a decorative vase as a pop of colour and an eccentric scatter cushion to add sass to the room.

Here are three ideas (at affordable prices) from Sheet Street:

  • Buy any two Faux Silk Lined Curtains and save R60.

  • Be a bit eccentric with this beautiful Mombasa Scatter Cushion for R99.99

  • Add a pop of colour with this decorative yellow Thistle Ceramic Vase for R119.99

The bedrooms

The bedrooms in your home are personal spaces. Bedrooms are not on show for your guests, they are your own space and they should reflect who you are. You can dare to be a bit bolder with colours and texture because the bedroom is only for your eyes.

Try these decorative ideas from Sheet Street:

  • Warm up with beautiful colourful Mink Blankets from R599.99

  • Be bold with patterns with Duvet Cover Sets from R129.99 – R359.99

The bathroom

The bathroom is a necessity but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can go bold with the colour of your towels, bright colours encourages a better mood. Get creative in the way you store your towels – they don’t need to be hidden away in a cupboard. Paintings and pictures may not suit the style of your bathroom, but there’s no reason you can’t decorate with an indoor plant to add softness.

These three bathroom essentials from Sheet Street will brighten your bathroom:

  • Make the bathroom a safer place for the entire family with vibrant Bath Mats. Save R30.

  • Dry in style with colourful Soft ‘n Fluffy Bath Sheets for R109.99

  • Store your towels in these beautiful Utility Baskets. Buy any two and save R40.

  • Brighten up the space with a Succulent in a Ribbed Pot for R199.99.

Is your curiosity piqued? Then feel free to visit Sheet Street, or check out our winter savings catalogue. Happy decorating!

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