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Scouts help changes in young people

“We want them to know that the only weapon they have to fight poverty is through education.”

Tsakane – Geluksdal Scouts Group aims to reform and develop young people in Geluksdal and Tsakane schools.

The community initiative concentrates on different areas of personal development in young people.

Leader of the Scouts group, Bafana Shabangu, says they teach young people to respect themselves, their community and everyone around them.


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“We are using this in a bid to contribute towards the upliftment and behavioural change in young people.

“Through the years, we have been battling with teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and school drop-outs.

“We believe not all is lost and we still can help young people to rebuild their lives and shape their future for the better.

“We also participate in sports activities, teaching them how to cook and participating in community events,” he says.


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Shabangu says through their activities they also encourage young people to concentrate on their studies.

“We help them with their school work and offer tutorials in areas they are struggling with.

“We want them to understand the importance of education and how it contributes to their lives and the future.

“We want them to know that the only weapon they have to fight poverty is through education,” he explains.

The team won position one in the South Africa Scouts competition held in KwaZulu-Natal last year.

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