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New service providers appointed for mobile toilets

The city has a constitutional responsibility to provide basic services to communities.

The City of Ekurhuleni has appointed new service providers for the supply of mobile toilets in informal settlements across the city, in line with the mission to reinstate the dignity of the people.

The new service providers will render the service until June 30, 2022.

The city appointed all 15 qualifying service providers that met all the conditions of the bid out of a total of 229 applications.


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The intention was to appoint a maximum of 20, but only the 15 qualified and thus were all appointed.

This followed after an inspection was undertaken by the city for all bidders who passed the general criteria of the bid to determine that they have capacity in line with the mandatory requirements and the specification – and they did.

These companies will invoice the municipality as per the rates approved in the bid document.

It must further be emphasised that it was the responsibility of the bidders to comply with the conditions of the bid.

The conditions of the bid stipulated that the service providers must provide toilets for people with disabilities; they must attach the cleaning schedule for all the toilets on the door of each toilet; and that they provide the city with a laboratory test certificate for the chemicals to be used in the toilet tanks.

All service providers are appointed following Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes that are highly regulated and transparent.

The city runs a transparent SCM process and the Bid Adjudication Committee is open to the public.


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As per the SCM processes, specifications were formulated before the tender was advertised.

An evaluation was then undertaken before the adjudication process, which is open to the public.

The city prides itself as a leader in the introduction of the public adjudication process, which is informed by our stance to undertake a transparent procurement process at all times.

Furthermore, the city would like to emphasise that local government is highly regulated by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), and to govern effectively and properly, all processes must be undertaken within the ambit of such legislative framework.

It is worth noting that when the current administration came into office in 2016, this leadership adopted a ‘pro poor’ agenda, which is aimed at ensuring, among others, that people’s dignity is restored.

At the time when the leadership came into office in August 2016, the ratio (toilets vs families) stood at one toilet per 10 structures, and it was resolved that this must be improved to one toilet per five structures – an intervention that has been appreciated by the beneficiaries.

The city also wishes to inform the community that it is looking forward to high levels of professionalism on the side of the contractors who have all signed inspection forms for the number of toilets on site.


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The city further appeals to communities, beneficiaries and community leaders, among others, to assist the municipality render a quality service to the people by reporting vandalism and anything sinister that may jeopardise the rendering of this service to the people.

The city relies heavily on the general public as its eyes and ears for any wrongdoing happening in society.

This remains committed to providing quality sanitation and restoring the dignity of our people and shall always continue to seek better ways of achieving this resources permitting.

The city has a constitutional responsibility to provide basic services to communities within a formalised township with the intention of building houses later as and when the Gauteng Department of Human Settlement allocates budget to the City of Ekurhuleni to build houses.

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