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Covid-19 awareness campaign runs smoothly

Community receives educative information regarding Covid-19

Kwa-Thema – Ace Auto Ayoba Academy in collaboration with Ace Auto Scrapyard hosted a two-day Covid-19 awareness campaign over the weekend.

Organiser and head coach Innocent Mayoyo says it is important to educate young people so they can educate others in the community.

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“We are grooming our players to be young responsible citizens and not just footballers; yes, we do understand and can see the players are hungry to get back on the field, but safety comes first.

“This is why this awareness campaign is very important, we have distributed over 200 masks and pamphlets detailing and explaining the correct way to wear masks,” says Mayoyo.

He adds that players should not participate in any unstructured and unorganised sporting activities.

Soccer players were taught about social distancing during the Ace Auto Ayoba Academy awareness campaign.

“It is important to understand that people who are recruiting players during such times do not have the best interest of their players, and are mainly those that never follow the right protocols.

“With this initiative the aim was simply to empower our people to do better and to also emphasise the importance of social distancing.

“And I believe the message was well received due to the positive feedback we received from the community.

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Resident Mirriam Rapetsoa says: “The event was very informative; I learned a lot especially with regards to masks, for instance the fact that it is not safe to lower your mask to your chin and then pull it up again.

“This exposes you to bacteria and germs.”

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