Open letter to the government

I am seeing a high rise of unemployment and frustration amongst the youth which has devastating consequences.

Nkosinathi Zwane writes:
Dear government, I have a huge concern about the state of arts and sports recreation and entrepreneurship in Kwatsaduza.
Government has become distant from its people and mandate.
I am seeing a high rise of unemployment and frustration amongst the youth, which has devastating consequences.
As an active citizen and concerned South African, I find this matter to be upsetting and hurting.
This issue had led to severe consequences, such as mental health issues, suicide, the youth being left hopeless and high abuse of alcohol and substance use.
The government has constantly been building parks all over the township with no decisive programmes.
Children are being exposed to substances in these parks because there are no guardians to look over them and some are even abducted.
As government and with your stakeholders, you are supposed to act as a catalyst and create conducive environments for arts, sports and entrepreneurship to thrive, especially in the township context.
My proposed solution from gathering data on the ground is that we need to create recreational facilities in every township.
These recreational facilities can act as a co-working space where different extramural activities, such as gumboots, poetry and fashion, can be housed.
The government can provide stipends for facilitators who are passionate and accredited to teach our people in these disciplines in the recreational facilities.
Create programmes which are practical and can teach our people about life skills so they can be self-reliant.
Have policies that include the input of the community so they can be respondents to the needs of the community.
Make resources available so the township can be revived.
It is also important to note that should government not be able to build recreational facilities, they can work with churches.
Form a partnership and use local church facilities to host development and youth empowerment programmes.

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