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Elections 2024: Residents invited to highlight their concerns

To contribute, send your leads for this editorial series to xoliswak@caxton.co.za marking the subject line as: The choice is yours

As South Africa prepares for the upcoming elections, citizens are gearing up to exercise their democratic rights and influence the country’s trajectory.

With this pivotal moment on the horizon, residents are urged to reflect on the pressing issues that affect their daily lives before heading to the polls – the choice is yours.

The African Reporter is extending an invitation to all residents to speak up about their service delivery concerns.

Whether it is the persistent problem of potholes, overgrown grass, illegal dumping, decent roads, lack of or limited drinking water, the frustration of frequent load-shedding, additional power cuts, the dire state of infrastructure, or the challenges facing the local economy, every voice holds significance in shaping the future of our communities.

While attention may be on electing national and provincial leadership, it is crucial not to overlook the issues within our towns and neighbourhoods.

By shedding light on these local concerns, residents can make more informed decisions about the leadership they elect to represent their interests at a broader level.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the African Reporter’s The Choice is Yours series.

To contribute, send your leads for this editorial series to xoliswak@caxton.co.za, marking the subject line: The Choice is Yours

Include a photo illustrating the area of concern, its location and a brief description.

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