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Sponsorship needed to fuel young athletes

The club is in need of more sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsors visited Langaville Athletics Club last week to donate 35 pairs of running shoes. Several sponsors joined forces to help make the young athletes’ fitness journey more enjoyable.

Sven Vosse, one fundraiser, speaks about the importance of the club’s running programme.

“This running programme is important for these children, all of whom come from impoverished backgrounds because it provides them with the obvious benefits of improved health because of regular fitness activity, and gives these children a purpose.

“They have something to train for and something healthy to do after school as opposed to wandering the streets and becoming idle,” Sven says.

Langaville Athletics Club has a year-long running programme which includes track and field, followed by cross-country and track and field again later in the year.

These young athletes are the recipients of brand new running shoes.

The club’s coach, Saki Kgaphola, says he is grateful for the contribution and hopes others will join in the future.

“There is more to be done, and so many children to assist. We intend to give these children the best opportunities while they are in the development phase,” Saki says.

Sven mentioned the year-long calendar has its pros and cons. The pros are it gives children a purpose and something to do every week (the various races each season) and the cons are the costs.

“It becomes costly to sustain a programme for roughly 10 months of the year. We are always looking for additional sponsors,” Sven requested.

If you believe you can assist in any way, email sven@thelegends.za.net

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