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Local DJ to host event

Stoney wants to offer the public something they have never been exposed to.

Tsakani resident Ziphozonke Sibanyoni (33) is a versatile DJ and event co-ordinator known as ‘Stony’.
Sibanyoni said he has always had an ear for good music, even from a young age.

“Growing up, I was the DJ at all our family gatherings and would use my phone to play music. As I watched my family dance to my music, I fell in love with the trade and knew I wanted to be a DJ one day.”

Stony has worked with other well-known artists who groomed him in the industry. In 2012, he was honoured to play a 30-minute set with Black Coffee, one of the artists he looks up to.

“I have worked with well-established people in the past. I did a remix with Ralf Gum in 2011 alongside a group called Tainted House. I further did an opening set with DJ Stokie and Luu 911 in 2015,” he said.

He said he has played his music in all nine provinces with a few other artists who have contributed immensely to his growth as an individual and a DJ. To showcase his talent, he will host his first event at Thami’s Lifestyle in Kwa-Thema, which he hopes will put him on the map.

“Natal Gathering will be hosted on May 26, and the aim is to relive my first experience as a DJ. I aim to impress, give people a taste of good music and an experience of a clean groove,” added Stoney.

Stoney said he wants to offer the public something they have not been exposed to celebrate his life and career as a DJ.

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