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Nobomi makes her mark

The philanthropist, international model, market research facilitator, speaker, brand ambassador and leader is making waves in Nigeria.

Tsakani – Nobomi Tshongweni (28) founded The Nobomi Foundation, and its main goal is to connect needy people with businesses and brands that can assist.

“My organisation has facilitated several projects. The Winter Drive for The Menzi Children’s Home in Ext 19, Tsakani, is closest to my heart. It ran successfully for four months, longer than anticipated.

“The organisation collected donations of food, essentials, cleaning supplies, and games for the children.

Nobomi Tshongweni donates food parcels.

“It further did the annual #AsambeSiyofunda school shoe campaign that landed sponsorships and donations of school shoes and books from several individuals, including (sneaker brand) Bathu for the learners at Shadrack Primary School,” said Tshongweni.

Tshongweni said her diligent humanitarian work over the past three years through her foundation led her to Nigeria.

“I was selected and honoured by the advisory board of trustees at The Jet Age Nation Builders (JANB) organisation, whose headquarters are in Abuja, Nigeria.

Nobomi Tshongweni at the Niger Delta Innovation Summit.

“JANB is a continental organisation founded in 2015 to promote continental advancement, peace, co-operation among the countries of Africa, partnership and industrialisation.

“I was selected as the SA ambassador for JANB and the southern African co-ordinator for all concerning Jet Age on the African continent.

“I was a speaker and panellist at the recently concluded Niger Delta Innovation Summit, a gathering of great minds to encourage, emphasise and promote the importance of innovation, particularly in the digital world,” she said.

Tshongweni said her trip to Nigeria has put her on the frontline of available opportunities.

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“This is an opportunity for me to collaborate with organisations and individuals in Tsakani to enrich and empower them to develop the mindset that they can achieve and become anything they put their minds to in and outside of SA,” added Tshongweni.

She said her most memorable sit down in Nigeria was with (poet, writer, journalist, filmmaker) Godspower Oshodin, who dedicated time to understanding the history behind The Nobomi Foundation and how it came about.

“This showed me how important it is to remain open-minded, committed and ready because the world is big, and you can find yourself anywhere in it doing exceptionally well.

“I do not believe I have reached my full potential. I have dreams and plans to help the next generation actualise and tap into their full potential.

“I want to help educate and empower them to one day live their lives in purpose, in truth and with the realisation that only we can grow and advance ourselves as a nation,” elaborated Tshongweni.

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