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Residents battle to live without water

Duduza Extension 19 residents said that living without water is one of the biggest challenges with which they are faced.

Duduza residents took their frustrations to the streets on May 18. According to Mzwandile Mlambo (40), one of the residents in Ext 19, they have been forced to live without water for the past four years.

“Our councillors and mayor have been promising change; to rectify our problem without practicality.

“We need the mayor to recognise our situation, and further provide solutions to it. Living without water means no life; four years without water is a very long time.

“We demand to be heard, and we demand change,” said Mlambo.

Another Duduza resident, Herolt Dodo (68), appealed to the metro for trucks to deliver water to residents in the township.

“It would help to have trucks bring water or merely just have JoJo tanks. We have been fighting for water because water is a basic need.

“We have to travel just to get water; we have to ask residents in neighbouring townships to assist us with water.

“They get tired of us. Sadly the metro is aware that our area, over the past years has not been receiving water supply, especially during peak periods but they have not assisted us in any way,” said Dodo.

At the Mayoral Imbizo, Ekurhuleni Executive Mayor Nkosindiphile Xhakaza said the metro is fully aware of the problem faced by Ext 19 residents and is working towards a solution.

“We are currently building a reservoir in Duduza that is taking longer than expected.

“We are going to monitor the project closely to ensure that it is done speedily to ensure that officials do not lose focus on the importance of the reservoir.

Community joins hands to ensure they fight to have water.

“We are adding another capacity in the Duduza reservoir which is a 20 mega litres reservoir. We are committing to complete the reservoir project by July.

“Ext 19 should, by September, during summer, have full access to proper basic running water,” said Xhakaza.

Xhakaza said the mayoral committee pleads with the Ext 19 community to be patient.

“Our work from here is to ensure that we monitor the work and further inject the necessary funds for the project to be completed.

“We will make sure that this project is well-funded and completed on time,” added Xhakaza.

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