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Centre brings elderly women in community together

The group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tsakani – Thapo Namo (70) is a retired nurse who gathered the elderly women in Rockville to form a daycare centre that focuses on their well-being.

“As a retired nurse, I felt the need to use my abilities generated from my profession to bring people together. It did not take me long to establish the need to form a daycare centre in Rockville.

“I got this idea from a visit I did in Geluksdal. For two full days, I visited daycare centres in the area, watched what and how they did things, and learnt of the benefits that come with daycare centres.

“I loved this initiative for the old women in my community. I went from house to house, pitching my idea. The turnout was amazing. I further approached Nomvuyo Mpuqa for guidance and advice,” said Namo.

The Rockville daycare members during their group engagement.

Mpuqa helps the daycare when she can, brings ideas, gives health education and ensures ongoing progress. Mpuqa said the Rockville daycare centre was established to address social ills and injustice.

“This Rockville community men’s forum fully brought together the programme. The forum aims to bring together our community, address social issues and build a good relationship among Rockville residents.

“The forum has impacted the centre positively. They provide food and refreshments to the daycare and try to balance the imbalances these old ladies occasionally encounter,” she said.

Mpuqa, a retired teacher, said she saw the importance of helping form a daycare centre in their area. She further said that the centre focuses on fitness, group support and educating one another.

The Rockville members after a fruitful exercise session.

“The group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We start the day with exercises, followed by tea and breakfast. We end the day with a fruitful talk – either a Bible study, health talk, or address social concerns and share personal experiences or problems we have.

“This group builds every individual who is part of it. The aim is to keep elderly women active and educated. We also work on curbing the habit of borrowing money. It is unhealthy and unwise for old women to have debts or their IDs and SASSA cards controlled by loan sharks. We are trying by all means to come up with ways to make money and save it,” added Mpuqa.

Mpuqa said the centre still needs many things.

“There is a huge need for sponsors, donations and initiatives that could keep the centre active. The daycare seeks a hand to help with sportswear, exercise equipment, food parcels, books, gardening equipment and any other things that could be useful. The goal is to grow and advance the group,” said Mpuqa.

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