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Selecting the correct career path is a crucial decision with far-reaching implications. It is a choice that will shape your future, underscoring the importance of making an informed decision.

Over the next few weeks, The African Reporter will engage with business people, professionals, and other role players, focusing on a specific career field every week.

Through this, we aim to provide valuable guidance to our younger readers navigating their career choices.
This week, we give a platform to the nail technician’s career.

Tsakani resident Sizakele Valashiya(29) also known as Siza the Boss, has been a business owner and a nail technician since 2019.

Valashiya said becoming a nail technician allows you to express yourself creatively. She further added a profession in the beauty industry encourages imagination and artistry.  If that is something you are passionate about, you will refine your skills.

Sizakele Valashiya offers personalised nail care services to clients seeking both relaxation and aesthetic enhancements.

What is a nail technician?
A nail technician is a nail artist who uses different techniques, tools and other products to care for, style and shape nails. These professionals provide a range of nail services, including manicures, pedicures, and various nail enhancements.

Nail technicians offer personalised nail care services to clients seeking both relaxation and aesthetic enhancements.

What does a nail technician do?
Nail technicians provide clients with professional nail care services. Well-groomed nails are a sign of good personal hygiene and an essential aspect of your overall appearance.

The services provided by nail technicians can help clients feel more confident and improve their self-esteem.

How do I become a nail technician?
To become a nail technician, individuals often complete a state-approved cosmetology or nail technology program, which includes both theoretical and practical training.

Successful nail technicians possess creativity, attention to detail, and excellent customer service skills to meet the diverse preferences of their clients and ensure a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing nail care experience.

Most nail technician courses take about three weeks. In this field, you can never be overqualified; as you get to learn every day.

Where can I study to become a nail technician?
To obtain a nail technician certificate, you need to enrol at a SETA-accredited college. Such as

• Hydro International College
• Planet Nails
• Head to Toe
• Tammy Taylor’s global franchising

These are private collages.

What are the college admission requirements?
Unlike university, there are no requirements to become a nail technician.

What is the workplace of a nail technician like?
The workplace of a nail technician can vary, offering a range of environments where these professionals provide nail care services to their clients. One common setting is the traditional nail salon or spa.

Within these establishments, nail technicians typically work in a designated area equipped with manicure and pedicure stations.

The salon or spa atmosphere is often designed to be relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, providing clients with a comfortable experience while getting their nails done.

Additionally, nail technicians may operate as independent contractors or entrepreneurs, either owning their own nail salon or providing mobile services.

Owning a salon gives nail technicians the flexibility to design the space according to their preferences and create a unique ambience.

Sizakele Valashiya says working with nails allows you to unleash your creativity and make new and unique designs.

Mobile nail technicians bring their services directly to clients, offering the convenience of at-home or on-location nail care.

Nail technicians might also find employment in high-end resorts, hotels, or cruise ships, where they cater to a diverse clientele seeking luxury spa services. In these settings, the workplace often includes well-equipped spa facilities with specialised treatment rooms for nail care services.

Regardless of the specific workplace, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is a priority for nail technicians.

Adherence to health and safety standards, such as proper sterilisation of tools and equipment, is important to ensure the well-being of both clients and technicians.

What qualities does a nail technician need?
• Good communication and good conversation. Having good communication skills is not just important for getting a better understanding of what your client needs. It is also important to chat up a storm when you are with your clients.
• Be precise with your application and have a steady hand so the manicure can be perfectly applied to the nail.
• Be reliable. Time management is important in the world of nail technicians and so is occasionally being flexible with time.
• Become a trend spotter. The industry is built on trends and the desire to be fashionable.
• Have a good memory. Remember your clients’ names, what they like and what they want to be done in their nails.

Also remember the client’s personal life details, so they can converse and the client can feel listened to. These qualities make a good nail technician.

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