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Centre’s soup kitchen feeds needy

The Leratong Day Care and Pre-School showed its gratitude to the community.

Tsakani – The Leratong Day Care and Pre-School opened its doors to disadvantaged households in the area by providing a meal in Rockville on June 8.

Several Tsakani businesses wanting to help improve the livelihoods of those living in Kwatsaduza sponsored the soup kitchen.

Early childhood development (ECD) practitioner and centre manager Nanisi Mokhele said the soup kitchen aimed to give food to community members.

“The purpose of this soup kitchen was to feed the needy in winter because our community and the parents whose children attend our crèche face unemployment.

“We have established parents that need our help, and we are determined to help through our soup kitchens.

“Our initiative provides the community with home-cooked meals, but we also give out food parcels. We gave out 82 food parcels, 32 loaves of bread and canned food.

“We are also aware we cannot help everyone, but the few who can benefit from our initiative help us make a difference in someone’s life,” said Mokhele.

Mokhele said the Rockville community has supported the crèche over the years.

“This crèche has been in Rockville since 1998, and we have received nothing but support. We have never experienced burglaries, thefts or any other negative impactful things. Our community members look after our place as their own. We felt it was time for us to give back, too.

“We plan to host these soup kitchen initiatives annually in winter,” added Mokhele.

Mokhele said they are grateful for the sponsors’ help to make the soup kitchen a reality.

“The donations and sponsorships received from Tsakani businesses have played a vital role in making our goal a success.

“We hope for more sponsorship for next year’s soup kitchen. If more people get on board, it would be possible for us to reach more disadvantaged households.

“We do not only require donations for the soup kitchen initiative but for the crèche, too.

“The crèche needs proper mattresses for nap time, chairs, blankets, and playground items such as jungle gyms, swings and toys.

“We would also appreciate kitchen appliances, plates and cups,” said Mokhele.

Mokhele appeals for assistance from anyone who could help with donations of any form. Call her on 065 530 9574.

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