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Active fun and receive lessons from the past

Young people participated in various games and activities to celebrate Youth Day.

Kwa-Thema – The youth of Kristo Inkosi Catholic Church enjoyed fun-filled games to commemorate Youth Day on June 17.

The day kicked off with a talk about the history of Youth Day, led by Cynthia Nzimande, chairperson of the Catholic Women’s Association (CWA).

“We want them to recognise their opportunity to obtain an education because somebody lost their lives fighting for that opportunity in 1976,” she said.

This was the church’s third annual Youth Day event.

The youngsters enjoyed board games, volleyball, backyard bean bags, netball, soccer, playing on a trampoline, and other fun games.

There were a variety of entertaining games.

The chairperson of the church council, Rama Mogaswane, expressed his gratitude for the number of youths who attended the event.

He stated that the goal of the day was not to play physical games only but to stimulate the mind as well.

“They are learning key values such as being tolerant of each other. Interacting with their age mates will help to groom these children and to bring out their personalities.

“Our vision is to partner with the local municipalities, to involve the Sports, Arts and Culture Department and take the event outside the church premises.

“Once we have established events of such nature, we are steering young people in the right direction,” he added.

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Mogaswane outlined that the youth of today have completely different challenges from the challenges of the youth of 1976, but that they are interrelated.

He pointed out this generation of young people is full of curiosity.

“When we were growing up, you were told what to do and not to do. There was no room for discussion or negotiation.

“Things have changed, so it is wise to include your children in the decision-making process and reach a common understanding.

“Engage with them rather than imposing your views on them. That way, they will feel seen by you as their parent,” he advised.

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