Suspected car thief shot by police in Kwa-Thema

The suspected car thief was wounded while running away from police.

A stolen vehicle was recovered in Kwa-Thema after a high-speed chase between police and the suspected thief last Sunday morning.
Const Mosetha and Const Sithole were conducting patrols on Fourth Street in the Springs CBD when a man stopped them and pointed out to his car, which has just been stolen, driving away.
The police immediately pursued the suspect, who was headed towards Kwa-Thema.

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Just as the car slowed down next to Lefa-Ifa Secondary School in Ngema Street, Sithole fired two warning shots and the driver immediately stopped on the side of the road.
The driver then jumped out of the vehicle and started running away, when Sithole shot him and wounded him in the right lower leg.
After the man was secured, police searched the vehicle and found an Allen key, which is often used in the commission of vehicle thefts.

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