A week of rain: Kruger’s rivers in full flood

In the past week, KNP staff have had to work overtime to clear roads, repair infrastructure, and assist visitors to the park.

SANParks warned of continued floods in Kruger National Park (KNP) as the slow-moving cut-off low pressure was predicted to bring heavy rain over South Africa’s interior.

The last statement from SANParks on February 19 stated that the Lowveld region is expected to have a drying-out phase over the next week.

Authorities are, however, weary of Tropical Storm Freddy in the Indian Ocean, which is set to make landfall in Madagascar before tracking over central Mozambique and northern Zimbabwe.

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However, it has been an eventful trip for many visitors to the park, with many having to navigate the inclement weather and overflowing river crossings, like in the video below.

“My wife and I were part of the rescue convoy that left Lower Sabie and took a dirt road route to safety… The front vehicle got stuck after pulling three cars to safety. The bakkie got stuck [on its way] to help a kombi, and the kombi (filled with UK visitors) got stuck in a deep sloot,” commented Peter Mellineux, a visitor to the park.

“The block was quickly cleared – how? Because everyone sprang into action and everyone helped even if it was only to clap and cheer as the vehicles were pulled out,” Peter continued. “Huge cheer for everyone on the convoy – I never heard a [bad] word, only encouragement and camaraderie that astonished me. And, of course, a huge shout out to all the parks employees who worked to get the roads passable.”

I don’t know who this ranger is but I think he deserves recognition for his extremely brave rescue of the stranded tourist on Lower Sabie Bridge. At times the water was over his knees but he remained steadfast until the job was done. – Peter Mellineux.

But this did not mean that guests only got stuck in the mud; they also had the privilege of witnessing rare sightings.

“Went into the park today via Phabeni and was again blown away by friendly, awesome staff who were quick and helpful! Had an awesome day with stunning sightings!” Gilian Thacker commented on her experience. “Saw wild dogs swimming across a strong river near Skukuza and at least 30 in the pack.”

Watch: Large pack of wild dogs swim across river in flooded Greater Kruger

SANParks shared some photos of the flooded river systems with the caption: “When a natural disaster accentuates your beauty…”

Photo: SANParks |
Photo: SANParks |
Photo: SANParks |

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