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‘We are living in a hell hole’ – Residents

A continuous battle with drainage problems in Eden Park leaves residents frustrated.

EDEN PARK – The McCloud family at the corner of Brown and Leon streets is living a life of hell because of a disgusting drain, which has been a headache for many years.

“Must we really live like this when we have a metro council with so many workers who pass here daily in their trucks? This blocked drain was reported three weeks ago, with so many reference numbers given. I had even asked my employee to phone the council, but still nobody comes to fix the smelly and bubbling drain,” said Mr Marcus McCloud.

The owner of the house further complained about the constant wetness around his concrete wall fence, which already shows signs of falling over.

“This drain is causing damage to my fence and I don’t know who is going to pay when it eventually falls overs,” said Marcus.

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