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Verwoerd Park trapped in the dark for days

Feeder cables blew and lights were out in Verwoerd Park, leaving residents in the dark for two days.

VERWOED PARK – The community of Verwoerd Park has been without electricity on Monday June 23 and Tuesday June 24.

According to Councillor Chris Swanepoel, who oversees a small part of the Verwoerd Park area (which were not affected), explained that he had spoken to the electrical engineer in Alberton, and it was noted that feeder cables had blown up which also damaged a substation.

The cables were repaired, but a further cable fault was found and had to be repaired on June 24.

The power was switched from one cable system to another, which resulted in an overload of the systems late on that day, and therefore repairs were completed by Council workers on June 25.

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  1. And barely a week later 3 July,2014, Verwoerdpark is once again in the dark! Power outages have become a weekly occurence in Verwoerdpark that last for up to 18 hours at a time.

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