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DJ White Diamond passionate about music

Alberton-born DJ Donovan Van Eck, also known as DJ White Diamond, who has been a DJ for 11 years now, hopes to inspire aspirant DJ’s.

AT ONLY 16 years of age he juggled school work and his passion for music which led him to become a DJ.

Donovan Van Eck, also known as DJ White Diamond, has won over 300 DJ competitions in his 11 years as a DJ. Donovan, who is born and bred in Alberton North, gained his recognition by entertaining his fans with different music genres in his upbringing.

Passion for music

The 25-year-old is best described by his friends and family as an outgoing and helpful person. His love for music started back in Marais Viljoen High School while in Grade Nine, where he got his breakthrough in his first music remix. He then won his first DJ competition in the year 2010 which grew a burning desire of music in him. Despite the lack of experience on his first competition and being underage, he walked away with whopping prizes winning among 500 other deejays.

In his upbringing

After gaining recognition during his time in Grade Nine, he started getting bookings which meant less time was dedicated to school work. He was invited to house parties every weekend. Juggling between his music and balancing his studies became a challenge, as he was also booked on weekdays.

Despite the love he had for music, in Grade 12 he set his priorities straight by taking a break from music. Soon after the completion of his matric he then focused on his music from that day and kept growing ever since. However, at first his parents disregarded his music career saying he wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it. He later regained their trust and received their support after showing them how passionate he was.


DJ White Diamond describes his line of work as challenging. He has faced numerous obstacles but he is still prepared to make it against all odds. He said as a DJ one is bound to sleep fewer hours due to being overbooked. He has also had to face his fear of heights as he recently played for his keen spectators on top of a mountain in Hartbeespoort. He said with this kind of work it was impossible to be a family man because being a DJ took most of his time. He encouraged ambitious DJ’s to hold on to their dreams regardless of stigmas associated to being a DJ and the challenges that one experienced.

Through his music he has travelled as far as Eastern Cape and most parts of Gauteng. During his leisure time he attends Bible study or plays for charity events, as part of giving back to his community. He hopes to make Alberton a fun place to be by hosting even more events which will get outsiders attending those events. In the nearest future he foresees himself growing as a DJ and playing internationally.

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