Tonicdor,Your number 1 Security Doors and Gates Supplier in Alberton, Gauteng

Tonicdor has earned a reputation of being a trusted supplier of diverse security doors and gates. What can households and businesses acquire from Tonicdor?

Are you in need of security gates, sliding security gates or in-house barriers in Alberton? Do you need shop-front protection or access control to your business premises in Alberton? Are you looking for strong, steel, reliable, trustworthy security gates in Alberton? Tonicdor is a leading manufacturer of high-quality trellis security gates, window guards and burglar bars. We have been in business for 10 years – since 2009. Our professional team of 12 goes the extra mile to ensure your security gates and burglar bars comply with the highest standards.

“ As the crime rate in South Africa escalates, we continuously seek for new ways in which to improve our products to ensure that you are safe in your own home. “

If you want to evaluate the efficiency of your current security gates or doors at your premises in Alberton, feel free to contact us so that one of our professional consultants can do an assessment at a time convenient to you. We service and install our gates across the whole of Gauteng.

Should you happen to have fallen victim to a burglary at your house in Alberton and you need to claim for damages from your insurance, why not get a quotation from Tonicdor to install market-leading burglar-proof doors in your house? Tonicdor security doors will give you instant peace of mind as we cater to all your safety requirements.

Improve the safety of your home or business today! At Tonicdor we manufacture quality and affordable steel Slam Lock Security Doors, Slam Lock Trellis Gates, Swing Gates and Driveway Gates. Wherever you are located in Gauteng, we will install it.

We have the perfect product for windows, passageways, shopfronts, sliding doors or swing doors. You can contact us about your specific security needs and we will provide you with a market-related quotation.

Tonicdor’s Trellis gate- and window-guard fixtures are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the safety and protection of your family, home, shop and valuables. These gates and doors have two locks, comprising a slam lock and a manual hook lock. Steel security gates with slam locks enable the swift securing of access points to your home and business, but it also allows for a quick exit in case of emergency.

No plastics are used in the manufacturing process, giving a Trellis gate extraordinary stability. Our gates are manufactured of high-quality light-weight A-Grade steel.

At Tonicdor Alberton our Trellis doors are custom-made to measure, and are professionally installed by our experienced team.

Whether you need an entrance gate or a side gate to your property, Tonicdor has a wide variety of options specifically tailored to provide a solution to all your security needs and requirements.

Whether simple or decorative, all our gates have the same purpose: to protect you, your family and your valuables in case of a security emergency.

If you need burglar guards in Alberton make sure to contact Tonicdor. We supply a modern range of multipurpose steel burglar guards (sliding options are available). Our professional installers can fit burglar bars to all types of windows, including fixed-panel and casement windows in all types of buildings. Not only will our burglar bars provide safety and security, but they will also enhance your property’s value.

“ We have manufactured over 9 000 security gates in the past decade. We have installed security gates and security doors at many schools and clinics all over South Africa. “

Some of our satisfied clients include Nedbank, Momentum, Quickspace, SAB in Centurion, Courts in Limpopo and The City of Tshwane, to name but a few.

We also supply an additional range of products such as custom-made steel washing lines. Our foldaway washing lines can be installed in your garage or against your bathroom wall. This eliminates the need to leave your house after dark to collect your washing. You can also install the washing line close to your door. If you are a developer or a member of a body corporate in Alberton, we can also assist with the bulk installation of foldaway washing lines. Contact us today for your free quotation.

Our knowledgeable consultants can visit your home in Alberton to advise you on the best locations for security gates or burglar guards. A popular option among clients is security gates which separate the bedrooms from the rest of the house. Don’t forget to ask our consultant about the various gates and burglar-guard designs available. Clients can also choose from a variety of modern colours. You can even match the colour of your burglar bars to that of your security gates. We powder-coat our products to increase their durability and lessen maintenance.

Do it right the first time with Tonicdor security doors and gates! For the best prices on retractable security gates, contact us for a free quotation. Our products include a full five-year guarantee. Whatever your security needs, TONICDOR Alberton will gladly assist. At Tonicdor we are passionate about making your home as safe as possible for you and your family. If you contact us today for an online quote, your will not only receive great service but a 10% discount as well!

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