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Reamoleboha Monethi ignites reading passion with R BookHire programme

Reamoleboha Monethi, a learner at Trinityhouse Glenvista, has sparked a love for reading among children, with her programme now boasting over 30 participants aged four to 15.

Reamoleboha Monethi, a Trinityhouse Glenvista Grade Three learner, embarked on a journey to instil a love of reading in children when she launched her R BookHire programme earlier this year.

According to her mother, Ntshepang Monethi, the book club has grown significantly since its inception, with over 30 kids aged between four and 15 participating.

Reamoleboha Monethi (founder) and Refiloe Moahloli.

“The R BookHire programme aims to make reading fashionable for kids and increase their confidence and presentation skills. Since its launch, the programme has had significant media coverage, including radio and TV interviews and a feature in You magazine.

“The book club also holds monthly reading sessions at two children’s homes in Johannesburg South, where Reamoleboha and fellow book club members read books to about 20 kids aged three to five and give out goodie bags monthly,” said Monethi.

The book club members at the Mall of the South.

On October 7, the club held a ‘Meet the Author’ event at Exclusive Books Mall of the South.

“The author invited was Refiloe Moahloli, who has written more than 10 children’s books, focusing on her book You are Loved, which is very popular among book clubs. The kids listened to extracts from the book read by the author and had their respective books signed.

Refiloe Moahloli.

“A highlight was that the book club members ran the entire programme. This included the opening prayer, the introduction of the author, a speech by the founder, interviewing the author, sharing their favourite parts of the book, and asking the author questions.

“Overall, the R BookHire programme has successfully achieved its objectives of making reading fashionable for kids and increasing their confidence and presentation skills. The community well-received the book club’s monthly reading sessions and events,” said Monethi.

The participants who came to support the book club.
Book club member Yamkela Yelani after the book signing.

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