Watch: LiSTN feeds audio consumers and advertisers in South Africa

LiSTN is an audio promotion platform which is meeting the needs of audio enthusiasts and connecting creators with curators. This is what this platform offers.

South Africans are always hungry for great audio content. From the young to the old, there has always been an appetite to listen to good stuff. There are few people over 50 who don’t know Squad Cars, Alex Jay, the late Bob Mabena or the first album they purchased. Audio and the people who make it are a key part of the society. Even through the turn of a new millennium, a global pandemic and the swift rise of artificial intelligence, audio lives and people are listening!

Market opportunities

If the growing popularity of podcasting and the   are anything to go by, the medium is in a pretty good place. This counts for consumers, as well as the opportunity for advertisers looking to tap into audiences.

In theory, with the right platform, both sides can find what they need in one place. Terrestrial audio’s geographical limitations have historically made this challenging. Digital audio, however, reaches as far as there is access to the internet.

The African continent has long been prioritised by the global tech giants. Affordable smartphones and low audio streaming data costs have significantly reduced the barrier to entry for people from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the pleasures of audio entertainment. This means people are more connected than ever in South Africa.

Watch: LiSTN, a new audio world. 

LiSTN as a market player

As the market improves, enter LiSTN, an exciting new app that has just been launched, promising audiences they will find exactly what they want and need, while offering advertisers new opportunities to reach them. An audio aggregator at heart, LiSTN is the product of a thriving audio landscape, with the power to transform the industry. Here’s why that’s the case:

100% Homegrown

LiSTN differentiates itself from other aggregators in the market because it is 100% homegrown. Created by Digital Platforms, part of the Central Media Group in Bloemfontein and a subsidiary of AME (African Media Entertainment Limited), it was specifically designed with local nuance in mind. This is noticeably absent when it comes to global aggregators, which tend to target a wider audience, with less “attention to detail” (and more opportunities for audiences to fall through the cracks).

The LiSTN audio app will leverage all the AME radio, audio and content providers, offering a wide spectrum of content to attract audiences and advertisers. This includes a highly diverse range of brands from launch, including Algoa FM, OFM, Hot FM, Smile FM, Mix FM, The Citizen, Moneyweb on SAFM, Simply Smooth, Simply RnB, Simply Gospel, Moneyweb on RSG, Jozi FM and many more.

LiSTN audio App is free to download and use, meaning that anyone can access it anytime, generating a wide scope of audience segments for brands to eventually tap into. Long-time and new listeners get an exceptional and personalised experience, while brands get to enhance their targeting, forever bidding adieu to the “spray and pray” approach of marketing.


The first of its kind

It’s always a good thing to be innovative. Being the first of its kind in South Africa, LiSTN Audio App lives up to this description. It solidifies its cutting-edge status by providing additional value through multiple content streams, all in the same place. These include live radio, podcast catch-up content, playlists, reputable news and more.

Another plus is that listeners get to elevate their experience and find exactly what they want without having to bounce between different apps. This is not only a great way to keep listeners engaged, but also reduces the anxiety related to additional screen time and ultimately being bombarded with messaging across different platforms at the same time.

UX-centric by design

A standout feature of the LiSTN audio app is the easy-scrolling carousel situated at the top of the fold. This is a subtle signal of how important the user experience is to the team behind it. LiSTN was conceptualised, and will continue to be tweaked as needed, with the user experience front and centre.

It’s impossible to claim good UX without offering widespread compatibility. LiSTN is available on iOS and Android from day one, so nobody will be left out. The audio app works across multiple devices and browsers and is optimised to give everyone a seamless experience. Because  users can explore a variety of content curators at their leisure, brands will be able to get a clear sense of where their target audiences will be most engaged from the get go.

Radio agnostic, with music genre diversity

The fact that the LiSTN audio app is radio agnostic is perhaps one of the most distinctive parts of why it is an important addition to the local audio market. South Africa is a multicultural nation, with so many brilliant voices, ideas and opinions scattered across the country. By offering users a wide range of radio stations to tune into (from FM stations to partners in Namibia and digital alternatives), listeners are fed their “fix” of favourites, with brands having a wide scope of segments to eventually tap into.

The multitude of radio stations also means the music selection is naturally diverse. From chart-topping modern hits to the golden oldies, to factual talk programs and sounds across different provinces, LiSTN truly expands the scope of South African audio. Users can have their audio pick and LiSTN to it as they go about finding their happy place during the day. The more satisfied the listener, the greater the opportunity for advertisers to harness the full power of their marketing budgets as well.


In a fast-changing technology landscape, all platforms have a responsibility to be on the pulse of the latest developments to stay competitive. LiSTN has big plans, not only for its listeners and curators but also for the brands that will eventually advertise on the platform.

Over time, it will become a central space to aggregate content to highly specific niches, putting these in front of top tier paid content. Once the platform is running at full steam, it will become a force for executing incredibly creative and engaging campaigns.

Personalisation is at the heart of how advertisers reach their audiences these days. Every campaign launched on the LiSTN Audio app will be accompanied by detailed insights into how audiences are engaging across the different content types.

It’s time to LiSTN – wherever  you are.


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