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The dangers of chaining dogs

The Alberton SPCA wants to raise awareness about how bad it is to chain dogs.

As January marked Unchain a Dog Month, the Alberton SPCA intensified its efforts to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of chaining dogs and promote responsible pet ownership.

Charmain Southon, the general manager of the Alberton SPCA, highlighted the importance of providing dogs with freedom and companionship.

“There is nothing a dog likes better than being free,” she said.

“These beautiful creatures thrive on the love and companionship of their human friends. Being tethered for long hours is damaging to their physical and psychological health.”

The law and animal abuse

The law echoes this sentiment, with the Animals Protection Act of 1962 explicitly prohibiting the unnecessary confinement, chaining, or tethering of animals under conditions that cause them unnecessary suffering. Despite this legal framework, many dogs continue to endure lives of misery due to chaining.

The chaining of dogs poses numerous risks and hazards, as outlined by the Alberton SPCA:

• Chained dogs cannot escape from aggressive animals or extreme weather conditions.

• They could suffer injuries from trying to manoeuvre around their chains or objects in their environment.

• Chained dogs often lack adequate exercise, socialisation, and access to clean living spaces.

• The practice can lead to behavioural issues like aggression and excessive barking.

• Chained dogs are at higher risk of contracting diseases from insects and parasites.

• Despite these risks, some owners chain their dogs because they lack the knowledge or resources to care for them properly.

“Some owners who obtain a puppy on impulse don’t have the knowledge or time to implement obedience training. The dog is consequently chained outside to avoid the destruction of property,” said Southon.

The Alberton SPCA continues to advocate for the welfare of animals and encourages pet owners to provide their dogs with proper care, companionship, and freedom.

“Through education and outreach initiatives, we strive to create a community where all animals are treated with compassion and respect.”

For more information, call the Alberton SPCA on 011 907 1568 or 065 616 9004.

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