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Residents association helps make Elandshaven pothole free

Elandshaven road is pothole free after two years of being neglected by the Ekurhuleni municipality.

Elandshaven Residents Association together with PICUP Alberton and South Crest Residents Association saw the need to patch all the potholes in Bonza Bay, Sandwich Bay, Andries Pretorius and Vals Bay Street on April 7.

Elandshaven fixing potholes in Elandshaven.

The project was led by Robert Leighton, Theunis Smit and Joeleen Smit and supported by eight people from the three associations and they all worked together to fix all the potholes in Elandshaven.

Elandshaven Residents Association member filling potholes.

According to Joeleen Smit, secretary of the Elandshaven Residents Association, some Elandshaven residents had complaints about potholes dating back two years ago. ERA, SCA together with PICUP Alberton, joined hands to make Elandshaven roadworthy again.

Elandshaven residents busy assisting in filling the potholes.

South Crest Residents Association donated the material to fill the potholes, PICUP Alberton supplied the equipment and Elandshaven Residents Association covered the labour cost and logistics and assisted in filling in the potholes.

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