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Join PICUP Alberton on their newly launched Litter Fridays

Be a responsible resident by joining PICUP Alberton on Litter Fridays.

PICUP Alberton has launched the PICUP Litter Fridays initiative to help clean and maintain cleanliness in Alberton.
PICUP Litter Fridays will be on the first Friday of every month.

This new initiative invites local businesses to play an active role in sustaining the beauty of Alberton town.
The company believes by uniting to improve shared areas, the Alberton business community can set a significant example.

PICUP Alberton is encouraging businesses in Alberton to give their employees an hour of exercise by picking up garbage around their facilities.

“This initiative is designed to address the litter problem, while providing employees with a chance to be active and take pride in their workplace surroundings,” said Joeleen Smit, director and co-founder of PICUP Alberton.

A model for success: Starpack Alberton

According to Smit, Starpack Alberton, in Alberton North, has already embraced this initiative with great success.
Each month, their employees spend an hour cleaning up the area around their business.

The impact has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and appearance of their surroundings.

“This initiative has also improved employee morale and fostered a greater feeling of community duty to the Starpack staff.”

Smit said the participation of local businesses in PICUP Litter Fridays was crucial. When businesses lead by example, they inspire the entire community to take action.

Businesses can help to reduce litter in Alberton by devoting just one hour each month to the cause.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for employees to indulge in physical activity, supporting a healthy lifestyle while also having a positive impact on the environment.

It also indicates a dedication to corporate social responsibility and community building.

To celebrate the official launch of the PICUP Litter Friday campaign, PICUP Alberton announced the McPICUP project, which will take place on June 7, from 17:00 to 20:00.

This special evening, hosted in partnership with McDonald’s Alberton in Clinton Road, aims to generate cash for the renovation of the Alberton Dam play area.

“The McPICUP project will be an evening filled with community spirit, fun activities, and fundraising efforts.
“Your participation will help us create a better, cleaner environment for all and revitalize the Alberton Dam play area, providing a safe and enjoyable space for our children and families.”

Smit said PICUP Alberton welcomed businesses and residents to join its efforts to make a significant difference in the Alberton neighbourhood.

For further information on how your company can participate in PICUP Projects or learn more about PICUP Alberton, contact Smit at 073 421 3179.

“Let’s work together to make Alberton a suburb we can all be proud of. Join the McPICUP project and be a part of this exciting journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant Alberton,” said Smit.

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