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Help transform the Thaba Eco Park reservoir

Use your creative ability to bring eco-awareness and excitement to the reservoir in the Thaba Eco Park.

Thaba Eco Park and Thaba Eco Hotel are calling young artists to showcase their artistic skills.

In partnership with Versus Paint and Hamilton’s Brushware, they invite learners or students to participate in an exciting mural competition.

This is your chance to showcase your creativity and love for nature by painting a mural on their concrete reservoir.

What you need to know:

• Create a mural inspired by the local wildlife of Thaba Eco Park. It can include mammals, reptiles, birds and even insects. Include the logo and hashtag #celebratingnature in your artwork.

• Snap a photo of an A4-sized design of your proposed mural design and email it to eco@thabahotel.co.za by June 14. If competing as a school, include your school’s name and logo.

• The competition is open to individuals, classes, or groups between the ages of 12 and 19.

Selection process:

•Winners will be selected by the Eco and management team and announced on June 17. They will then invite the selected artist to paint his mural over four weekends.

Painting process:

• Painting sessions will be scheduled from 08:00 to 13:30.

• Thaba Eco Park and Hotel will provide transport, but the participant(s) have to bring their own food and water.

• One teacher or adult per group is welcome to supervise.

The intention behind the mural is to educate and encourage by using art to promote the appreciation of biodiversity and the importance of protecting wildlife and ecosystems. It also intends to support local talent by providing a platform for schools and emerging artists to showcase their work.

Lastly, it is to beautify the reservoir by transforming the reservoir into a vibrant, photogenic spot for guests.

For more information, contact eco@thabahotel.co.za or 011 959 0777. Also, visit their website.

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