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Don’t miss parenting guidance workshop

Ligstad offers an opportunity for parents not to be missed.

Alida Jooste, the social worker at Ligstad, is presenting a parenting guidance workshop on July 15, 17, 22 and 24.

During those two-hour sessions (adding up to eight hours in total), parents will be empowered to think anew about how to raise a child with good self-esteem and responsibility; discipline resulting in cooperation from their child; ways a family can work, play and grow together; and respect for yourself and your child.

Questions most parents ask regularly are:

• What am I good at as a parent?

• What can/should I change in my parenting?

• What can I expect from my child?

• What is special about my child?

• How can I help my child to make good choices?

• How can I model and teach love and respect for each other?

• How can we have more fun together?

According to Jooste, feedback received in the past from parents who attended the workshop includes phrases like ‘Amazing’, ‘Great tools, ‘I wish I had these tools before we had the crisis in our family’, and ‘This is more important than pre-natal classes for young parents’.

“All the parents who attended in the past gained valuable skills and knowledge that strengthened their attachments with their children in the process of them adjusting their parenting style and lookout on parenting,” Jooste said.

If you are interested in attending this workshop series in July 2024 contact Jooste at 079 693 3666 or alida.jooste@ligstad.co.za

Register by July 10. The cost is R500 per couple. Single parents may attend for the cost of R250 per person. The cost includes the manual the parents receive.

The workshop will take place at Ligstad, 32 Van Riebeeck Avenue, Alberton North on the mentioned dates between 17:00 and 19:00.

“This is a project for the community and we would like to also reach the most vulnerable families in our community. If individuals or companies can sponsor a family to attend, contact me,” said Jooste.

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