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Teachers don’t disappoint on Silly Teachers Day

Revival City College ended its midyear exams on a high note with the Silly Teachers Day event.

Revival City College’s midterm examinations ended on a high note, with the teachers swapping their customary work clothing for their silliest outfits in celebration of their Silly Teachers Day event on May 31.

Some of the teachers wore funny make-up, dressed up in mismatched shoes, wigs, tutus, and slippers for the occasion, which had the learners laughing throughout the event.

Maneander Raghooraie and René Bagley.

The Silly Teachers Day was part of a fundraiser where learners had the opportunity to nominate their teachers to complete a silly dare, and the teachers did not disappoint.

The corridors were filled with joy and laughter as a result of the teachers’ playful personalities.

The two winners of the Silly Teachers Day event were Raine Dunstone (foundation phase teacher), and Leonard Nel (senior and FET phase teacher).

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