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Rare cancer survivor wins hearts

Naasir overcame adversity, got another chance to live life fully and is making the most of every moment.

This time last year, eight-year-old Naasir Chand bought warm socks with his own money and handed them to his friends at school – a reflection of his kind heart.

This brave warrior beat hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer that is common in early childhood. In May 2017, he rang the bell at Netcare Clinton Hospital and was ready to go home after being cleared of cancer.

Through the Reach for a Dream Foundation, Naasir was part of a television advert for Slipper Day 2023 in support of children fighting life-threatening illnesses.

Reach for a Dream Foundation is an NPO that aims to inspire and empower children with life-threatening illnesses to reach their dreams.

This is after Naasir, a miracle to his parents, saw his dream of one day flying in a helicopter come true through the NPO.

Since his triumph over adversity, he continues to capture hearts through his life story.

Naasir Chand at his Palm Ridge home.

He also featured in The Dreamers, a striking book featuring art from Marc Gregory.

Triumph over hardship

According to Naasir’s mother, Tayyibah, he is now in Grade Two and is a happy and healthy boy, and in her words, “Who beat cancer like a superhero.

“He still goes for his blood tests and scans every year and is doing very well. We are also trying our best to allow him to make a difference and make people aware of the illness and the effects it has.

“Those walking this path should not lose hope. We want people to be positive. The Almighty is there and people should always know there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

She said the youngster wishes to one day become a paediatric oncologist.

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