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Collapsing road cause for concern in Mayberry Park

To have the subsiding road repaired, motorists and Mayberry Park residents desperately need an intervention.

Motorists using the busy JG Strydom Street in Mayberry Park are concerned about the street’s gradual collapse and subsequent deterioration.

JG Strydom and Koorsboom streets in Mayberry Park have visible signs of a sinking road surface.

The inner portion of JG Strydom Street caved in, making it almost impossible for two vehicles to cross this busy road at the same time.

The problem deteriorated the previous year. The portion reportedly has a Rand Water pipeline passing beneath, thus damaging vehicles and municipal infrastructure.

Ward 94 Clr Samantha Nair said this was a hazard waiting to strike because this is a busy road, and not all motorists know of this situation.

The portion of the road that is gradually collapsing.

“There have not been any communications from Rand Water despite so many emails to resolve the problem. I and the city’s roads department have been reaching out to Rand Water since last year, but there has been no success. I was thinking of going to the higher authority in Rand Water,” said Nair.

Mayberry Park resident Gwababa Malindi said, “Those who might come into the area in the early or late hours and don’t know about this sinkhole, and their cars get damaged. We no longer find joy in using these roads. This has been ongoing for quite some time. If they could assist us, we would be glad.”

Rand Water media relations manager Justice Mohale said they have forwarded the publication’s enquiry to the relevant Rand Water department, “First to investigate if it is the organisation’s pipeline.”

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