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Lifestyle Alberton Rugby Club acknowledges its top performers

The annual awards ceremony for the Lifestyle Alberton Rugby Club was held to recognise the club's outstanding accomplishments.

Alberton Rugby Club recently hosted its rugby awards at the Alberton Rugby Club.

The U19 team’s coach, Amanda Williams, believes that everyone did their best to play to the best of their abilities up to the point when they knew better, at which point they improved to produce greater results over the course of the season.

Coach Amanda has won the team manager award for the third time.

“Success does not come easily. It involves commitment, willpower, perseverance, and most importantly, passion for what you are attempting to do or learn. Therefore, everyone who received an award deserves it because they made the necessary effort,” said Amanda.

The players received honours based on how well they were perceived to have performed by their coaches, teammates, and the club’s chairperson.

The award for players’ player of the year went to SJ van Zyl. He is held in high regard as a true club guy and a fantastic illustration of what it means to be an active member of the Alberton Rugby Club.

He is praised as a fantastic player by the coaches, staff, and teammates who are close to him. He also leads with effort, enthusiasm, and support.

The club hosted a lunch for the players, coaches, management, and sponsors in 2023 to celebrate the successes of the players.

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