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Best way to move into your own home

You need to plan ahead to make moving into your new home an adventure rather than a nightmare.

Moving into a new home can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. So before you walk through the door, decide on a plan and be sure not to put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Your home will probably never be completely empty again, so once you have the keys and step into your very own place for the first time, take a good look at all the spaces – indoors and outdoors.

Go through each room and examine the structure carefully for any possible snags you may have overlooked when viewing. This includes problem areas with the floors, walls, windows and built-in cupboards. Be sure to make a snag list with any issues that need to be addressed before your furniture arrives.

Before any of your household goods arrive, give the home a thorough clean, paying attention to dust or dirt in hard to get to places.

Moving day

Have a rough plan of the property ready to take notes of where your belongings need to go. Decide which rooms the various boxes and furniture need to go into. If possible, mark the boxes and furniture with coloured stickers matching each room so that your boxes and other belongings can be carried directly to those areas when the furniture van arrives. This will make unpacking far simpler.


When it comes to furniture, your first thought in the excitement of buying a new home may be to go to the shops and buy everything you need all at once.

Furniture, which includes appliances – is a significant expense, and you need to avoid this temptation at all costs. Buying furniture on credit will put you into a debt trap you may not be able to get out of for many years. Also, it’s much more rewarding to build up furnishings over a long period. As you grow into your home, you will find the right pieces that match your space and your own style.

The rest can come later as long as you have the basics – such as a place to sleep, somewhere to sit, and a means to cook.


Once you have moved in – or even while waiting for your belongings to arrive- meeting your neighbours is a good idea. Introduce yourself and exchange phone numbers for a good start to what will possibly be long-term relationships.

This is important for several reasons. First of all, it’s an excellent way to keep yourself safe and secure. Good neighbours will warn you if you have left a gate or garage door open or if they notice any suspicious activity near your home.

Good neighbourly relationships will also help resolve possible problems, such as unacceptable noise levels before they become unpleasant issues.


Although a municipal rates account should automatically be opened when the property is transferred to your name at the deeds office, it is your responsibility to open the utilities accounts at the relevant department.

It would be best to do this as soon as possible after taking the transfer. If you leave this undone for several months, you could be faced with an overwhelming bill for water, sewerage and refuse removal for all this time.

Moving into a new home is an exciting process that must be enjoyed when done correctly. The guidelines above will assist in this regard.

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