Build a home gym this winter for a hot summer body

Home gyms are great for keeping the whole family fit and healthy all year round. How can you build one?

Summer bodies are built in winter, so if you want to lose those extra centimetres to look good in your summer clothes, now is an excellent time to get started.

For many people, it’s hard finding time to go to their local gym regularly or go for a run every morning. The Covid-19 pandemic has also had an effect, with many people working from home at least part of the time.

With a home gym, you can work out whenever it suits you, so it’s a small wonder they are becoming more popular. A well-equipped home gym could also appeal to prospective buyers when you decide to sell in future.


In new houses, home gyms are often custom built-in spaces designed specially to accommodate all the necessary equipment. In older homes, though, you can convert a spare bedroom or a study for this purpose if you don’t have space to add an extra room or put up an outdoor building.

For maximum comfort and efficiency, these rooms may require some customising.

  • A workout area requires good ventilation, so you may need to install extra windows, air-conditioning or an overhead fan.
  • Additional electrical outlets may also be needed to run certain gym equipment, such as treadmills and stationary cycles.
  • A mirrored wall will enable you to watch yourself while exercising to maintain correct form.
  • Additional soundproofing in walls and ceilings is essential if you regularly work out to videos or loud music.
  • Floor surfaces should be able to take plenty of wear and tear, especially if you will be working out with free weights.
  • If your gym is on an upper floor, make sure the floor can support the extra weight of large apparatus. Also, check that you can carry the equipment up the stairwells and around corners.

Keep it simple

You don’t need a full gym to get the benefits of regular workouts, so installing big, expensive equipment may not be necessary to meet your exercise requirements.

A stationary bike and a good-quality treadmill don’t take up much space. And, if you prefer the meditative calmness of yoga, a small space to unroll your floor mat and put on some soothing music may be all you need to get started.

The above guidelines are a good start to creating your ideal gym facility.

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