Five reasons why you need herbal tea in your cup

Get the most out of your warm drink by opting for a herbal tea that will boost your health.

Indulged a little too much over the weekend? Boil the kettle and reach for the herbal tea! We’ve got five reasons why this hot drink is just the cuppa your body needs:

  1. Keep your blood sugar in check: Whether you have type-2 diabetes or are at risk of getting it, herbal tea might be just the drink you need to help keep your body’s blood sugar levels in check thanks to all those antioxidants. Try: Sela Blood Sugar Tea (R49.99)
  2. Good for your gut: A healthy gut is vital to a healthy body and strong immunity. Try: Sela Stomach Cramps Tea (R47.99) with Uzara which helps to relieve stomach cramps and diarrhoea.
  3. Goodbye colds and flu: Get rid of your winter colds and flu by opting for a cup of goodness that will give your immune system a kick too. Besides alleviating symptoms, it also helps with the healing process. Try: Sela Colds and Flu Tea (R49.99) with Lemon Bush.

  4. Lower blood pressure: Herbal tea is a heart-friendly beverage option that can help reduce high blood pressure while supporting your heart health. Try: Sela High Blood Tea (R49.99) with Hibiscus, which is traditionally used as a mild diuretic and to assist blood flow properly through vessels.
  5. Better joint movement: We’ve all heard about the wonders of Rooibos tea, but did you know that it can also reduce inflammation, which in turn could help soothe pain caused by arthritis? High in vitamin C, it further helps to repair collagen and connective tissue in the joints. Try: Sela Joint Health Tea (R49.99) with Devil’s Claw supports joint health. 


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