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Increase youth in leadership

ALEXANDRA – Youth calls for bold leadership and policy certainty.


As the nation’s fixation on the post-Zuma leadership of the ANC and government intensifies, so are the divisions in the party as well as the uncertainty amongst members of the public.

Yet, not much clarity is forthcoming from powers that be about what lies in store for the country’s future if the electorate extends the party’s ruling mandate in the 2019 general elections.

Pundits warn that the divisions will polarise the nation even further with power and sleaze-mongering. Character assassinations and hollow promises will dominate the contest while very little will be said to inspire public confidence on central issues of responsible, accountable and people-centred governance.

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Keith Maphutha, a member of the party’s youth league in Alex, attempted to clarify the key challenges. He said the contest should be about restoring public trust in the ANC and providing policy certainty on radical but inclusive macro economic transformation which is important to the majority of citizens.

“We need an environment that will create long term employment, enhance self-sufficiency and reduce aspects of the global economy that are negative to the country. We [have to] remodel an afro-economic trade model to simulate continental economies and stability which curbs economic migration and stimulates de-racialised economic control. This will help build social cohesion in our deeply divided country,” Maphutha said.

Current slogans he said are not solutions to citizens yearning for a leadership that inspires confidence and hope. “It should be bold with the political will to eliminate temporary solutions to centuries-old problems of a weak economy, unemployment, deep poverty, suffering, greed and tension that threaten national peace, stability and progress.”

The leadership, he added, should commit to improving the quality of education, particularly in maths and sciences in order to create a human resource base for the global knowledge economy and technical expertise to stimulate other economic potentials in space technology, as well as maritime and green sectors.

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“This, in addition to solving the thorny issue of free access to quality education up to the tertiary level in fulfilment of the Freedom Charter.”

He asked for greater inclusion of youth in the leadership as they have creative ideas to national and global challenges that require technological solutions. “They should claim leadership as a right – also in the private sector – as it is already a global trend in major economies.”

Other traits should be a commitment to stop price fixing, promote competitive private public partnerships, create opportunities for small, emerging, innovative and de-racialised businesses and ideas that are nurtured from school.

“Leadership should commit to stop corruption and scandals in the state and private sectors [as well as] illicit internal and external financial transactions crippling the country,” he concluded.

Details: Keith Maphutha 073 071 2809.

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