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JRA urges residents to be extra cautious during flash floods

The Johannesburg Roads Agency(JRA) provides tips to follow during flash floods.

Johannesburg has been experiencing strong winds and rains since the tropical depression that hit most parts of the country.

This situation may cause poor visibility, road accidents and flash floods. Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) is urging road users to be extra cautious and be aware of the life-threatening dangers, especially of flash floods. “Flash floods usually result from intense storms dropping large amounts of rain within a brief period.

“Flash flooding can occur with little or no warning and can reach its peak in only a few minutes,” explained JRA.

”Flash flood waters move very quickly and can roll boulders, tear out trees, destroy buildings and obliterate bridges. Walls of water can reach heights of 10 to 20 feet and generally are accompanied by a deadly cargo of debris and mud.”

 JRA recommends these life-saving tips during flash floods: 

  • Do not attempt to drive through flooded areas, even if the water looks shallow enough to cross.
  • If you are driving and have come to a flooded area, turn around and go the other way. Many deaths have resulted from attempts to drive through flooded roadways.
  • If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately and seek higher ground.
  • Never drive into water that covers the road – you do not know how deep it is or whether the road underneath has been washed away. Reduce speed significantly to avoid your vehicle floating.
  • Look out for flooding on highway dips and bridges, especially low lying bridges. Exercise caution, especially at night when visibility is poor. Pedestrians
  • If a flash flood is likely, move to higher ground immediately and stay there. Avoid walking through any floodwaters. You cannot outrun a flash flood. Keep away from places that are likely to flood, such as ditches or dry stream beds.
  • Avoid areas that are flooded.
  • Avoid areas where water is flowing rapidly – especially high-velocity flow areas.
  • Never attempt to run across flooding water if the water level is above your ankles. Do not walk into or near high water.
  • Keep children away from playing in drainage ditches and storm water drains. It’s important to be aware of flood hazards no matter where you live, but especially if you live in a low-lying area, in a densely populated area, near water or downstream from a dam.

In the event of a flash flood, or where residents are at risk, it is advisable to immediately evacuate the area and seek a place of safety. Furthermore, residents are reminded to refrain from dumping litter into the storm water system and drains, thereby helping JRA to keep the storm water areas clear. Water cannot flow away freely when drains are blocked.

Kindly report blocked storm water drains, all flash flood related incidents and anything that may aggravate flooding to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department or the South African Police Services, or the City of Johannesburg’s call centre number: 0860JOBURG (562874) / hotline@jra.org.za / twitter@MyJra

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