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SA Weather service cautions residents as storm build up seen around Joburg North, safety tips

JOBURG – To ensure you are safe from severe rainfall and flooding, you are asked to take note of the following safety precautions: 

The South African Weather Service has issued a warning for the possibility of disruptive rainfall across Gauteng today (28 January).

Flooding is expected across the Gauteng province.

Gauteng Weather has also alerted Gauteng residents of plenty of storm build-up currently observed in Gauteng.

With this in mind, South Africans are urged to remain vigilant and adopt a more proactive approach to avoid damage to property, injury and loss of life.

  • Keep an eye out for weather warnings. Only trust verified and credible sources. Do not immediately believe messages circulating on social media as these cause unnecessary panicking.
  • If you are caught in a heavy storm, try and find cover. Avoid being in open spaces or near large trees as the chances of getting struck by lightning will increase.
  • Visibility will be decreased during heavy rains and this will affect your ability to see other vehicles on the road as well as pedestrians. Increase your following distance and decrease your speed.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and your windscreen wipers are in perfect condition.
  • Should you decide to stop your journey, rather stop at a filling station or covered area. Avoid stopping on the side of the road/highway or under bridges.
  • Do not attempt to cross the road or surface of flooded areas. Seek an alternative route.
  • If you are trapped in your vehicle during a flash flood, rather abandon your vehicle to try and get to higher ground.
  • If you get swept away while in the floodwaters, try to grab onto anything you can to pull yourself to safety.
  • If flooding occurs at your home, ensure that all your electrical devices are switched off at the main distribution board.
  • Have a first aid kit nearby and keep emergency numbers at hand.

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