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Dudula denies rumours of leader handing himself over to Alex police

ALEXANDRA – There are many interest groups in Alexandra and we need to gather under one roof and find common ground, says peace ambassador Mopasi.

Alexandra seems to have come to a standstill as many scheduled events are being cancelled or postponed due to the unrest around the Pan Africa Square.

Rumours are doing the rounds that one of the Dudula leaders will hand himself/herself over to the police today but that has been quashed by another Dudula leader, Agnes Malatjie, who said their national leader, who she would not name, was having talks with the Alex Police Station commander.

Organisers of the events cited the unpredictability of the situation due to the violence at the square where the Alexandra Dudula Movement and its sister organisation #OperationFiyela (operation clean sweep) are demanding that all foreign vendors leave the location.

The situation had turned violent following a tense stand-off between the protesters and foreign vendors at the square. Unconfirmed reports state six people have been arrested following the outbreak of violence between the two groups.

A gender-based violence awareness event and workshop which was supposed to be held at the old Alex Police Station in Wynberg on March 8 had to be postponed to Saturday (March 12) at the same venue and time.

Alexandra Dudula Movement and #OperationFiyela leader Agnes Malajtie denies the movement’s leader is about to hand himself/herself over to the police. Photo: Zanele Siso/Zanephoto

Organisers of other events also cited the ongoing violence at the square and said they could not risk their visitors from outside Alex being caught in the ‘crossfire’.

Alex Peace Ambassador Thabo Mopasi said a dialogue was needed to solve the current crisis in Alexandra, which he said could turn nasty if allowed to go on unchecked.

“We need to gather in social cohesion programmes to talk about our differences and issues and try to find common ground for the sake of peace in our community,” Mopasi told Alex News.

“There are many interest groups in Alexandra and we need to gather under one roof and find common ground.”

Chairperson of the CPF in Alexandra Chris Mabunda said the situation was a lot calmer now at Pan, most probably because of the rain.

“Law enforcement agencies are still there monitoring the situation,” Mabunda said.

This is a developing story and Alex News will keep you informed.


#OperationDudula sees foreign nationals at loggerheads with South Africans in Alex

#OperationFiyela cleans Pan of foreign vendors in Alex

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