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‘We learned to believe in ourselves and work hard to make our dreams become a reality’

ALEXANDRA – The two young soccer players recently returned from Germany, determined to work hard to achieve their goals.

Two budding Alex girl footballers who represented South Africa in this year’s Allianz Explorer Camp’s football edition said they were motivated to work harder after their recent visit to Munich, Germany.

Molly Mathole of Alexandra High School and her KwaBhekilanga Secondary School counterpart Amina Alaoui left the country on 22 August to prune their football skills in Germany. They returned on 27 August, inspired and motivated by all they had learnt during their trip.

Amina Alaoui and Molly Mathole visit Bayern Munich FC in Germany. Photo: Supplied

Molly said besides visiting well-known places in Germany, she also learned about the importance of being confident as an individual and learn from others. “The trip to Munich motivated me to work hard and to value myself. It also encouraged me to learn other languages and lend a helping hand where it’s needed. The visit to local museums gave me a taste of Germany’s history and the challenges that it went through to become one of the economic giants in the world,” Molly said.

Amina Alaoui and Molly Mathole attend a training session in Munich. Photo: Supplied

Amina, who was inspired by Banyana Banyana star Janine van Wyk to play soccer seven years ago, said she never thought that something that started as a hobby will one day fly her to Germany. “I’ve never imagined myself going to Germany any time soon. This trip was an eye-opener for me and it proved that there was nothing impossible if you believe and work hard in life. The training we received in Germany helped me learn about soccer and other techniques that a player can use to outsmart his or her opponent,” Amina said.

“I also learned about personal development and other things that can help me grow my confidence when faced with difficult moments in life. The trip also gave us an opportunity to learn about other people from other countries which gave us an idea of how other people live their lives in other parts of the world.”

The pair have urged other youngsters to work hard and believe in themselves to achieve their goals in life.

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