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Fat lady set to sing in this weekend’s Alex games

United Stars president cum-coach Sakhile Zulu says the weekend games will separate the boys from the men and wishes success to the teams with the best men.

It’s do-or-die for the top three teams in one of the most interesting seasons of the Alexandra Northrand Local Football Association’s (ANLFA) Promotional League as it winds down this weekend (June 29 and 30).

Long-time log leaders United Stars returned to the league summit with several wins to amass a total of 63 points from 27 games while its two nearest rivals, Black Mask and AmaSkills, trail behind by two points and are tied on a goal difference of 35.

A win for Mask and AmaSkills, depending on the number of goals, could see them leapfrog Stars and one of them being crowned champions but all that is dependent on Stars losing their last game.

As things stand, Stars only need a draw to secure the championship and a win will be a bonus for the River Park-based outfit that boasts a humongous goal difference of 64. The million-dollar question is whether Stars can overcome the first team that inflicted a defeat on them as the first round of the league was nearing completion or will it be a double for AmaSkills over Stars?

All these questions will be answered this weekend when the referee blows his whistle after 90 minutes of play, and there will be some tears flowing down the cheeks of some players.

Stars president cum-coach Sakhile Zulu said the fat lady will sing this weekend. “It’s going to be a big day for Alexandra football and one of the most interesting league seasons ever.

“Some will be fighting to win the league while others will be fighting to make it into the Top 8 knockout at which honours will then be given out to all who deserve them, and the champions will finally be crowned and bade farewell as they embark on their arduous journey to the prestigious Premier Soccer League,” Zulu said.

He said the weekend games would separate the boys from the men and wished success to the teams with the best men.

LFA secretary general Malvin Khumalo said the game had to be moved from last weekend to this weekend (June 29 and 30) to allow for outstanding disciplinary cases to be sorted out and allow other teams to play their catch-up matches.

It is also understood that one more team has accumulated three walkovers. As per the rule of the LFA, any team that accumulates three walkovers in the season has to be expelled from the league and its points deducted from all the teams.

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