Afrika Tikkun celebrates youth through its annual Talent Day

ILLOVO – The annual talent day gives young people the opportunity to show off their wide variety of talents.


Thanks to a wide range of sponsors Afrika Tikkun‘s young people were able to realise their gifts and talents through its annual Talent Day at the Wanderers Stadium in Illovo.

The day is a demonstration of what South African youth can achieve when their potential is nurtured and developed, and a platform is given to celebrate the value of excellence.

Afrika Tikkun is a non-profit organisation which has four Excellence Centres in Gauteng and focuses on childhood development.

Celebrities lent their support together with donors to brighten the youngsters’ day in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s values and his call to remember the children and young people of South Africa. Bafana Bafana player Dean Furman, Sugarboy Malinga, a former world boxing champion, and drumming child prodigy, Danno Peterson were all there to encourage and inspire the youngsters.

The event saw the converging of more than 2 500 children and young people between the ages of two and 29 from Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Alexandra, and the inner-city of Joburg. The day is the highlight of the year for all the children and young people of Afrika Tikkun.

With a great deal of enthusiasm, they prepare for the day months in advance, treasuring the opportunity to showcase their impressive talents in sports, arts and culture.

Their efforts concluded with a passionate display of dance, drumming, music and drama. They competed in sports and activities that also showed off their academic abilities.

“Afrika Tikkun Talent Day is all about belonging. Kids feel they belong to a family that extends across South Africa,” said Marc Lubner, CEO of Afrika Tikkun.

“Tikkun staff and donors feel we belong to a club of caring contributors bonded together to make our country great for all.”

More than 100 staff members of different companies were involved in managing the various sporting events, competing with other corporates and, most importantly, lending support to the children as their official cheerleaders. The staff assisted with on-the-day activities such as face-painting, refereeing races and games, judging the cultural activities, keeping score, manning stands and serving food.

Details: Afrika Tikkun 011 325 5914.

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