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Stamp collector of 63 years speaks about his hobby

"There is very good camaraderie between all of all of us stamp collector. It is thoroughly enjoyable. "

Walking through the Edenvale CBD, one might notice a hidden stamp store just off Van Riebeeck Avenue.

Mr Coen Slagt, a passionate stamp collector and dealer, is the owner of the stamp store.

He spoke to the NEWS about his hobby and what he enjoys about it.

The 69-year-old business owner has been collecting stamps since he was six and has dealt in stamps for the last 49 years.

“I enjoy trading in my hobby,” said Mr Slagt.

Mr Slagt said he learnt how to collect stamps from his father, with whom he shared a close relationship.

“Growing up, my father was a stamp collector. When I was younger he taught me the basics of the hobby and I just grew from there,” said Mr Slagt.

Mr Slagt said when he was 20 he opened his own stamp shop in the old Johannesburg Arcade but later moved to Edenvale.

“My father actually encouraged me to open the shop and helped me get the shop off the ground,” said Mr Slagt.

Mr Slagt said the main reason for moving out of Johannesburg were the changes in the city.

During his 63 years of stamp collecting, Mr Slagt said some of the most enjoyable moments were at stamp exhibitions.

“Over the years you get to know all the different dealers, there is a friendly rivalry between us all.

“As a stamp collector I enjoy acquiring things I need for my collections,” he said.

For Mr Slagt one of the most enjoyable aspects of stamp collecting is meeting new people, making of new friends at exhibitions.

“There is good camaraderie between all of all of us stamp collectors. It is thoroughly enjoyable, ” said Mr Slagt

Stamp collecting is often associated with older people, however Mr Slagt said he knows of a few youngsters who collect stamps.

“I’ve met some informed young stamp collectors,” said Mr Slagt.

He said a threat to the hobby of stamp collecting is the the lack of interest from younger people.

Mr Slagt said children would rather play sport or play on their cellphones than collect stamps.

When starting a stamp collection it is important to pay attention to your interests and choose a specific theme to collect.

Mr Slagt said there are a number of themes for people to start collecting stamps.

“It is important to collect what you are interested in,” said Mr Slagt

Mr Slagt said over time you get to know your theme and do research on your stamp collections while collecting.

Watch Mr Coen Slagt speaking about his hobby:

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