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Help shelter for women and children by recycling

Shelter to generate money through recycling.

Frida Hartley Shelter for Destitute Women and Children in Yeoville received a special visit on October 27 from Mpact Recycling and Bayanda Gumede, a Mrs South Africa finalist.

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The purpose of the visit was to introduce the Mpact recycling programme that can generate money for the shelter.

“Residents can bring all their recyclables to Frida Hartley Shelter and in so doing they will help the shelter, as they will get paid for the recyclables and ensure that they go to reputable sources which are responsible and sustainable,” said Adele Thompson, a representative of Mpact Recycling.

“By recycling their paper, residents benefit the environment in a number of ways. It diverts recyclable paper away from landfills, reduces the reliance on virgin fibre, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and prevents the incineration of recyclable paper.

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“This paper is used in the manufacture of recycle-based paper and packaging,” said Thompson.

Mpact Recycling has partnered with the Mrs South Africa pageant, a woman empowerment programme, for the third consecutive year.

“This initiative will give the community the opportunity to give back by donating recycling material to Frida Hartley. I would like to encourage business to play their part in saving the environment by donating all their unwanted paper, magazines, newspapers and cartons for recycling to Frida Hartley,” said Gumede.

The recycling project will help the shelter raise the much-needed funds to sustain the home.

For a collection of all types of paper, they will receive R400 per tonne, and for a tonne of collected magazines, they will receive R750.

“We are excited to have partnered with Mpact on this recycling programme.

“We appeal to the public and corporates who have been thinking of ways to support us but had limited resources. This is a great initiative and you are also getting rid of all your unwanted paper, magazines and boxes,” said Frida Hartley manager Cheryl Hlabane.

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