Humphreys calls for action on grass cutting in Bedfordview

Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys said she receives calls from residents daily on grass cutting needed in Bedfordview.

Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys has recently received queries from residents on urgent grass cutting in some parts of Bedfordview.

Humphreys said if and when grass cutting is done by metro, the clippings are not removed.

She said residents report uncut verges, parks and embankments, which not only make the whole suburb look unkempt, but cause traffic hazards.

“The state of our suburbs as a result of the non-appointment of contractors for grass cutting is nothing less than negligence, maladministration and municipal failure,” said Humphreys.

She said September is the beginning of grass cutting season every year.

An area in Bedfordview, which has been reported by a resident for urgent grass cutting.

Humphreys added the environment and waste department have no reason other than poor administration to blame for grass cutting not being done.

“Moreover, the preference to elect a service that does not include removal of clippings is further evidence that this administration is not interested in service delivery.

Grass clippings lie in the gutters collecting more debris.

When the rains come all this material goes into the stormwater drains, often blocking them and causes flooding,” said Humphreys.

She added some of the material is carried to rivers and dams, causing them to silt up.

“The cost of clearing this to the metro is colossal, but this department continues to drive a false economy of choosing not to have the grass clippings removed,” said Humphreys.

Humphreys said this all can be avoided if the removal of grass clippings is done when grass cutting is done.

City of Ekurhuleni spokesperson Themba Gadebe said grass cutting season begins in the summer months of each year.

The City cuts grass at parks, sidewalks, main roads and open spaces and is the responsibility of Bedfordview Metro Parks.

Gadebe also said resources to cut grass are scarce.

“We are currently addressing vacancy issues and shortage of vehicles, machinery and equipment,” said Gadebe.

Gadebe said the City does not have enough manpower to ensure removal of grass clippings.

“We are working on a supply chain process to get a contractor to remove clippings.

“Metro Parks at this stage doesn’t have sufficient manpower to remove clippings.

“This will be addressed once the contractor is in place,” said Gadebe.

He said the grass clippings issue is receiving attention due to it causing a further mess.

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