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Covid-19 Lockdown: Journo captures relatively quiet streets as locals seem to remain indoors on day 12 (video)

Only a few cars were spotted on the main roads of both areas as locals seem to adhere to the lockdown regulations.

Bedfordview and Edenvale News journalist, Miguel Abrahams, ventured into Bedfordview and Edenvale areas on day 12 of the national lockdown.

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Only a few vehicles were spotted on the main roads while refuse collectors, wearing masks, were seen on Van Buuren Avenue in Bedfordview as they continue to render an essential government service.

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Abrahams reported that the areas seemed slightly busier compared to last week as people made their way to shops for essential goods.
The usually congested Gillooly’s Interchange also remained relatively quiet, despite being the busiest in terms of traffic flow in the southern hemisphere.

Refuse collectors, wearing masks, were spotted on Van Buuren Avenue.


Van Riebeeck Avenue Edenvale:

Refuse collection in Bedfordview continues:

Day 12 of national lockdown in Bedfordview:

Lockdown day 12 on Stoneridge Drive:

Gillooly’s Interchange:

The corner of 9th Street and Van Riebeeck Avenue.
Van Riebeeck Avenue in Edenvale.
Gillooly’s Interchange from Harper Road bridge.
Modderfontein Road.
Refuse collection in Bedfordview.

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