Locals demand better service delivery

"The hawkers are making it worse because they don’t clean up after themselves."

Residents of a block of flats in Germiston are concerned about the level of service delivery and the lack of by-laws enforcement in the area.

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Resident Charles Aidoo, who resides in the flats at 79 High Road, said he has lived in the area for over 20 years and has never seen the area this bad.

“What attracted me when I moved into the area was how clean it was. You would never see rubbish, not even a single paper.

“Now the is rubbish everywhere. The hawkers are making it worse because they don’t clean up after themselves. They leave rubbish all over the place.

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“As if that was not enough, the electricity issue and the level of service delivery is sad,” said Aidoo.

He said the city is failing in doing things properly and maintaining order in the city.

“The substation in front of our flat blew up last year and a new one had to be installed.

“We have a new substation, but the level of workmanship is poor. That substation does not look properly supported and some wires are exposed. With the rain we had, you find water on the exposed wires.

“It is an accident waiting to happen, but the city is doing nothing about it. We have reported it and nothing seems to happen,” explained Aidoo.

He also expressed concern about the health hazards residents are exposed to because of the rubbish in the area.

“Every corner has a pile of rubbish. You find flies everywhere and foul smells. The rat infestation is getting out of control. Why are by-laws not enforced,” said Aidoo.

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GCN sent an enquiry to the EMPD on the issue of by-law enforcement.

Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa said they were not aware of the challenges in that area as they have not received any complaints.

If residents are having issues with hawkers, the EMPD urges them to report it to them and they will attend to it.

“If hawkers are causing problems where they are trading, residents have the right to report that hawker.

“They must come to the customer care centre in Germiston or go to their nearest EMPD offices to lay a complaint.

“We will then come with the necessary parties to check what seems to be the problem and to take the necessary steps,” said Thepa.

She said residents must also be aware that there are legal hawkers who have followed the procedure for them to be there.

“A street hawker must be licensed to sell from any street using a vehicle or render a service.

“A licence, issued by the Trade Licensing Unit, shall indicate the street hawker as a non-food licence or a food-related,” said Thepa.

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She urged hawkers to apply for permits.

“As EMPD we are not saying don’t trade. We understand this is your way of making a living.

“We are saying do it the right way, get the necessary documentation and get permission to be there because sometimes you are not allowed to be there,” said Thepa.

She said when a hawker has a permit, they may carry out their commercial activity from any place, on any street but they must adhere to the rules.

“Where they are selling they must not be a nuisance or inconvenience to residents or passers-by in the street or obstructing a fire hydrant, obstructing traffic or posing danger to themselves and their clients. Safety is important,” said Thepa.

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An enquiry was also sent to the mayoral spokesperson Warren Gwilt on January 11, at 14.26, regarding the electrical infrastructure.

The comment was requested by noon on January 13.

Although the enquiry was acknowledged by Gwilt no comment was received at the time of going to print.



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