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Motorists warned as bogus police target Ekurhuleni drivers

They often demand cash and seize motor vehicles from victims.

Motorists in Ekurhuleni are urged to remain alert and beware of bogus police officers after reports to EMPD.

EMPD reported in late March that impostors exploit victims by posing as law enforcement officials and using police equipment and blue lights fitted to their vehicles to carry out hijackings and robberies.

They often often demand cash and seize motor vehicles from victims.

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EMPD advised that legitimate police officers will not demand a cash deposit from motorists.

EMPD urged drivers to remain vigilant, not stop if they suspect they are being targeted and avoid stopping in deserted areas.

Motorists are reminded to request an officer’s identification which includes the rank, appointment date, photo and official identification number.

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EMPD reiterated that impersonating a police officer by wearing a police uniform or using police equipment for criminal activities is an offence.

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